Fine Art Printing

Fine Art Printing

Photographers capture the essence of life on their cameras. These images look beautiful when viewed on screens but when these digital files are blown up into large size prints that are when they turn truly breathtaking.

Artists like photographers, painters, illustrators, and sculptors breathe life into their creative visualization.

Giclée prints in simple terms, Fine art prints are printed from digital files of good resolution using archival quality inks onto acid-free media.

In fact, artists and fine art prints are made for each other.

Only fine art printing can bring out the vivid colors of an image on various textures of media fitting into the desired size. Watching the work of an artist take up an entire wall as a print makes one go, WOW!

3 things to consider while getting a Giclee print or Fine Art Print

Here are our 3 essential points to be considered before you give out the image to the printmaker in order to get the perfect Giclee print.

  1. The more pixels per inch, the sharper your image will appear.
  2. Resolution plays a vital role. Higher the dpi, the smoother and better the image quality will be.
  3. The sizes you can print an image or artwork are endless, as long as you have the right resolution.

6 Benefits of Giclee printing

  1. Longevity, colors identical to the original pieces that never run or fade
  2. Quality is incomparable with other prints available in market
  3. Provides great accuracy and depth of color
  4. Aids in building professional artist portfolio
  5. Reasonable cost and minimal effort of reproduction
  6. Widely accepted by art buyers at museums and galleries

Where can we spot Giclee prints?

1. Famous museums and galleries across the world

2. Enhancing the interiors at hotels and restaurants

3. At National and International art community exhibitions

4. At homes creating a wall of memories

5. Creates a vibrant working atmosphere at office spaces

I hope this blog has given you the information on Giclée printing.

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